A list of models manufactured by Auto-Sleepers, that are eligible for Owners to apply to join ASOC

* Auto-Sleepers marketed under the Marquis badge
** Auto-Sleepers marketed under the Orian badge
*** Vivanti models manufactured by Auto-Sleepers - only
**** Marquis - Mercedes County range
Air (Ford)
Ascot (Ford)
Amethyst (Ford)
Aquilas** (Peugeot)
Beckford (Mercedes)
Berkshire* (Peugeot)
Berkshire**** (Mercedes)
Bourton Mercedes
Broadway (Peugeot and Fiat)
Burford (Mercedes)
CB22 (Bedford)
Clubman (Bedford & VW)
Corinium (Peugeot)
Cotswold (Peugeot)
CX200 (Bedford)
CXL (Talbot)
Devon**** (Mercedes)
Dodge Space (70's) (Dodge)
Dorado** (Peugeot & Ford)
Duetto (Ford)
Dorset* (Peugeot)
Excelsior (Ford)
Executive (Talbot & Peugeot)
Eton (Ford)
Fairford (Peugeot)
Flair (Ford)
Frisky (Ford)
Gatcombe (VW)
Gemini** (Peugeot & Ford)
Gloucester**** (Mercedes)
GMC (Chevrolet)
Harmony (Talbot & Peugeot)
Hampshire**** (Mercedes)
Inca (Peugeot)
J2 (Austin Morris)
Kingham (Peugeot and Fiat)
Kemerton (Peugeot and Fiat)
Lancashire* (Peugeot)
Legend (Ford)
Leisure (Peugeot)
Leisure Executive (Freight Rover)
Leyland Auto~Sleeper (Leyland Sherpa)
Libra** (Peugeot)
LT28 (VW)
Luxor* (Peugeot)
Magara (Peugeot)
Malvern (Mercedes)
Medallion (Mercedes & VW)
Mensa** (Peugeot)
Mezan (Peugeot)
Midas (Peugeot)
Midi (Bedford)
Mirage (Peugeot)
Montana (Mercedes)
Northants**** (Mercedes)
Nuevo (Peugeot)
Omega (Ford)
Pavo** (Peugeot)
Palermo (Peugeot)
Pescara (Peugeot & Ford)
Pollensa (Peugeot & Ford)
Rambler (Talbot & Peugeot)
Rapport (Renault)
Ravenna (Peugeot & Ford)
Recro (Renault)
RCX (Renault)
Rhapsody (Talbot)
RHT (Renault)
Rienza (Ford)
Rimini (Renault)
Romero (Renault)
RV50 (Renault)
Sandhurst (VW)
Saturn** (Peugeot)
Sherbourne (VW)
Sigma (Peugeot)
Silverstone (Peugeot)
Sirius** (Ford)
SL (Talbot)
Spaceman (Commer)
Sportsman (Talbot)
Stanton (Mercedes)
Stanway (Mercedes)
Stratford (Peugeot)
Suffolk**** (Mercedes)
Surf VW
Surrey**** (Mercedes)
Sussex* (Peugeot)
SV100 (Bedford)
Symbol (Peugeot)
Symphony (Peugeot)
Talent (VW)
Talisman (Talbot & Peugeot)
Talisman II (Fiat)
Topaz (VW)
Trafic (Renault)
Trident (VW)
Trooper (VW)
Trophy (VW)
Utopian (Bedford)
Vivanti V2***
Vivanti V4***
Vivanti V5***
VT20 (VW)
VX50 (VW)
Warwick (Peugeot)
Wave (Mercedes)
Wilton (Ford)
Wiltshire (Mercedes)
Winchcombe (Mercedes)
Windrush (Peugeot)
Windsor (Ford)
Worcester (Mercedes)
Zeta** (Peugeot)