Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club is open to current owners of Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. The Club is officially supported by Auto-Sleepers Group and offers a full events programme with rallies throughout the UK and Europe. The Club is a Company Limited by Guarantee, not having a Share Capital. This means should the Club be wound up, and have insufficient assets to meet its debts, the most that each member can be asked to contribute towards the deficit is £1. The membership subscription covers the calendar year and is due on the first of January each year. New members joining on or after first September are covered until the end of December the following year.
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  • AUTO-SLEEPERS MANUALS: A range of model manuals to download [member area]

  • IDEA SHEETS: Over 200 ideas compiled by members and most approved by Auto-Sleepers [member area]

  • MEMBER DISCOUNTS: A list of companies and dealers which offers members a discount. full details available in the member area [view]

  • LPG TANK FILL LISTING: A list of LPG filling stations recommended by members [member area]

  • PAINT CODES: A list of vehicle paint code data [member area]

  • FUEL INFORMATION: Fuel consumption data compiled by members [member area]

  • RECALLS & USEFUL GUIDES TO VIEW: Details of recalls and what to do [member area]
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  • MAGAZINE: A monthly magazine giving event details, travel articles and much more.
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Dear AS Monitor user,
We want to make you aware of an increase in the number of leisure vehicle thefts in recent months, especially from areas which you may believe offer a 'secure' storage provision, and advise you of the steps you can take to protect your property. Information available in the download member area

LPG tank users travelling to Europe
It is worth checking your continental adapters to fill your LPG tank in Europe.
Rubber washers on the adapters may be split or perished which could gas to leak when filling.
The washers can be replaced at a cost of £0.49 each from Autogas 2000.

  • 16.12. 2021 Mercedes Sprinter A safety recall has been issued by Mercedes for a potential issue with the rear brake calipers on the current model of Sprinters. The problem appears to be the possibility of brake fluid leaking from the rear calipers and getting onto the brake disc and pads. Contact your Mercedes dealer to have this issue resolved.
  • 08.11.2019 recall Peugeot Boxer III 2017 brake pipe fixings
  • 03.06.2019 Safety recall on the Mercedes Sprinter (2013 to 2018 models)
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