Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club is open to current owners of Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. The Club is officially supported by Auto-Sleepers Group and offers a full events programme with rallies throughout the UK and Europe. The Club is a Company Limited by Guarantee, not having a Share Capital. This means should the Club be wound up, and have insufficient assets to meet its debts, the most that each member can be asked to contribute towards the deficit is £1. The membership subscription covers the calendar year and is due on the first of January each year. New members joining on or after first September are covered until the end of December the following year.

The Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club (ASOC) can be contacted by post to Orchard Works, Willersey, Nr Broadway, WR12 7QF. ASOC has a legitimate interest in using the personal data you give to ASOC to determine your eligibility to belong to the club, communicating with you on matters relating to ASOC and to pass to the distributor of the ASOC magazine to facilitate his posting the magazine to your home address.
Your personal data will not be transferred to any other person or organisation. You have the right to request from ASOC access to and rectification of your personal data. If you feel that your personal data has been misused, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.
ASOC is a Company Limited by Guarantee regulated by the Companies Act and has a statutory obligation to retain the name and address of members in the club register for ten years after they cease to be members of the club. The personal data will be deleted from the club register after ten years has expired.

It all started with a letter in "Motorcaravan & Motorhome Monthly" in June 1988 suggesting that a Club for the owners of motor caravans converted by Auto-Sleepers might be popular. On response to these letters an acting committee was established, a constitution and rules suggested and help gratefully accepted from Auto-Sleepers.
The inaugural General Meeting and First National Rally, in April 1989, was attended by over 230 vans (around 500 people) and Membership then totalled about 650 people. A monthly Newsletter was instigated and small rallies arranged as a means for members to communicate, exchange ideas and enjoy themselves.
At the AGM in 2002 it was agreed the status of the Club be changed from that of an unincorporated association to a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital, and was registered at Companies House with a registration number 4616969.

  • AUTO-SLEEPERS MANUALS: A range of model manuals to download [member area]

  • IDEA SHEETS: Over 200 ideas compiled by members and most approved by Auto-Sleepers [member area]

  • MEMBER DISCOUNTS: A list of companies and dealers which offers members a discount. full details available in the member area [view]

  • LPG TANK FILL LISTING: A list of LPG filling stations recommended by members [member area]

  • RECALLS & USEFUL GUIDES TO VIEW: Details of recalls and what to do [member area]
    vehicle recalls and faults
    Consumers' Guide to Vehicle Safety Defects
    recalls leaflet

  • MAGAZINE: A magazine giving event details, travel articles and much more.