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Auto-Sleeper Owners' club

Prospective Member's Enquiry Letter

    Thank you for enquiring about the Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club.


    Background:    The Club is officially supported by Auto-Sleepers Group and offers a full rally programme with rallies throughout the country, as well as other advantages you will see in this web site. For your information there is a brief history of the Club and the Club Articles of Association and Bylaws.

    A newsletter is sent to all members at the beginning of each month.

    Club Year:   The membership subscription covers the calendar year and is due on 1st January each year. However, new members joining on or after 1st September are covered until December 31st of the following year.

    To join the club please complete the Application Form and return it together with your cheque for £20.00 made out to - Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club - in full.   Sending it to:-   *ASOC Membership Secretary, The Auto-Sleepers Owners' Club, Orchard Works, Willersey, Nr. Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7QF.

    For further enquiries please contact the Membership Secretary 

    *Administration Note: 
Please note that all applications are forwarded on to our Membership Secretary, by the factory, once a week.   Private addresses are never placed on a website .

        Therefore a slight processing delay is to be expected, but they will be dealt with as soon as possible.
        If you have a problem, or query, please use the contact hyperlink above.